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    25 Fun Things to Do at Home | The Christy Buck Team

    Have you been finding yourself binge watching t.v. shows or Netflix and then look at the time and realize you have been watching for over 5-8 hours? Trying to find more engaging or active things to do while staying home and still practice social distancing? Here are a few ideas for you or your kids!

    1. Start your own vegetable garden
    2. Read a book
    3. Watch & do yoga from YouTube
    4. Learn to sew
    5. Start a scrapbook
    6. Walk around your neighborhood, exercise
    7. Organize your pantry
    8. Play board games
    9. Clean your home
    10. Try out new recipes
    11. Create a sensory bin for your kids
    12. Learn to play an instrument
    13. Give yourself a pedicure
    14. Start a gratitude journal
    15. FaceTime your family members
    16. Organize your closet
    17. Support local businesses by ordering takeout
    18. Learn calligraphy
    19. Have a picnic in your backyard
    20. Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt around your neighborhood
    21. Watch YouTube for makeup tutorials
    22. Build furniture
    23. Play hide & seek
    24. Learn a new language
    25. Make home made play doh

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