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5 Great Tips To Keep Your Home Fire Free | Christy Buck Team

Have you ever thought about how easy a fire could start in your gorgeous home?
If not, Christy Buck Team will share with you a few helpful tips from the Home Owners Network to keep your home and family safe.


1. Be sure to register your appliances and check for recalls by using Home recall alert. It only takes an easy call to the Home Owners Network to get you started.

2. It is important to practice kitchen safety by simply turning off any appliances when they are not being used. Making this a habit will save you from a damaged home.

3. Installing a fire detector is the best way to alert you if there is any smoke or fire in your home. Some of the newer alarms will even alert a near by fire department!

4. Everyone loves using extensions cords because they are easy and convenient but they can also be harmful. A few signs to look at while using this is to not use any damaged cords, do not put multiple cords together to make it longer, keep them from bending when using them and do not put them under any furniture or even rugs!

5. Last but not least, Dryer Maintenance!
Be aware that using your dryer generates a ton of heat and the lint in your dryer vents is very dangerous and could start a fire. Make sure to clean out any lint in, under and behind your dryer to decrease the risk of a fire starting.

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