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5 Reasons Why For Sale By Owners Fail (FSBO)

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 Most FSBOs decide to sell their home to save money and not have to pay for a realtor’s commission. Others feel they can do it all on their own and in the end, they will see how using a Realtor will actually benefit them in the long run and pass over the reigns. So here are a few reasons why FSBO’s fail and what we can do to help you and still save you money.

1. Don’t have the time to do it all alone- Selling a home takes a lot of time and patience as well as knowing exactly what you need to do to get your home in order to sell. Selling your own home can be very time consuming and causes many FSBO’s to give up or feel overly stressed out about something they should be excited about. With the Christy Buck Team, we have a step-by-step plan to help you sell your home for the most amount of money, in the quickest time possible while helping you along the way. We make the process easy for you.

2. No background or knowledge in Real Estate- Most FSBO’s think its a quick process or an easy one, and don’t realize how knowledge in the real estate industry could make or break you in your transaction. Without knowledge of your market area, you could under price or over price your home and hurt the chances of you getting an accepted offer on your home. Christy Buck has over 15 years of experience as a top producing agent  in the industry. Christy and her team are here to provide you the knowledge needed every step of the way to insure a successful sale on  your home!

3. Lack of Marketing the home to it’s full potential- Selling your home by yourself, your listing is not on many websites and has insufficient exposure. The Christy Buck Team has a top notch marketing strategy that helped sell over 238 homes in 2015 alone! We build custom pages on our website for your home and ensure it is submitted to all search engines, advertise on social media, provide professional photographer & professional home staging, and more. We also provide additional marketing for our luxury homes over $350K. Your home will also have custom riders on the property and we ensure that someone is able to get information on your property 24/7 !

4. Not understanding the Closing Process- FSBO’s have so much already on their plate, it is easy to forget about all the things you have to have prepared to get to the closing table. There are so many details involved from day one such as having inspections done in the proper timeframe, repairs negotiated, insure there is a survey that was done on the property, have the lending side covered if the buyer is obtaining a mortgage- make sure the buyer is truly qualified, scheduling appraisals, closing times.. just to name a few! Hiring a professional realtor such as The Christy Buck Team ensures all of these details get covered, and allow you to relax a bit while they take over! We want this to be an enjoyable time for you.. Let The Christy Buck Team handle everything from A to Z!

5. Being intimidated by contracts & the legal side of your transaction- Most FSBO’s don’t understand all aspects of the contract or over look very important details and can get stuck in a situation they didn’t really mean to put themselves in. The contract is full of timelines you must keep up with throughout the process as well- or it could end up costing you the sale of your home!  With the Christy Buck Team, we will  help you by looking over the contract closely, making sure everything is filled out the best for your situation,  and explaining step for step about the contract and how it is composed. We will handle the leg work of negotiating back and forth with the Buyer’s Agent to make sure all of your needs are covered!

With so many things to do, it’s no wonder a lot of FSBO’s fail. In fact, according to a recent survey by NAR,  less than 10% of FSBO’s actually sell. It can be stressful, time consuming, and hard on someone without much experience. We are here to help answer questions to benefit you in your home selling/ buying process. Contact The Christy Buck Team today to get your home on the market and get the help you deserve!

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