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5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Home Before Spring | The Christy Buck Team

Here are a few reasons why you should SELL your home with the Christy Buck Team right now and NOT wait for the Spring rush to come around!

  1. Supply & Demand– Inventory is still low and buyer’s are exhausted at this point. They want a good home and are willing to pay more to get them! The lower the supply, the higher the demand. Don’t wait until Spring when you will have more competition and lower demand!
  2. People have more money in their pockets- It’s proven in several researches that due to low unemployment rates and a thriving stock market, that people have more money in their pockets than before! People’s incomes are growing as well as their job stability. Home sales keep raising and people are still aggressively searching for their dream homes.
  3. Home Prices are still up- When you have a higher demand, you have more flexibility in what your price your home at and can get for it. This is important to make sure you profit on your home!
  4. Millennials are ready to commit- Plenty of millennials are renting right now and will soon be looking to become homeowners. They are ready to take that next step. data said Millennials could account for 43% of home buyers getting a mortgage in 2018 (a 3% year-over-year increase).
  5. Interest Rates– Rates are forecasted to continue to go up, so buyers will be wanting to lock in their rates sooner rather than later!


Do these have you convinced? Contact The Christy Buck Team so we can help you get your home on the market and get it sold for the best value in the quickest time frame possible! Email us at or call us at 832-264-8934!

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