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    5 Simple Everyday Health Tips | Christy Buck Team

    There is nothing better than your body feeling and looking clean, strong and healthy! Our Team wanted to share with you 5 simple everyday health tips!








    #1 Drink Plenty of Water Daily

    Water is very important for your body! Our bodies are said to consist of anywhere to 45-75% water, being said, water is a key component of having good health! Even when it’s tempting to have something tastier, water will benefit you the most! Water hydrates your body and flushes out toxins within your body.

    #2 Take Deep Full Breaths Throughout The Day

    Breathing the source of all life but so many of us don’t take the time to breath properly. Take the time to practice at least a couple of deep breaths daily. Deep breathing is said to be great for releasing tension and toxins, as well as massaging the organs and assisting with digestion.

    #3 Drink Water With A Squeeze Of Lemon Daily

    Boil a mug of hot water and squeeze lemon into it based on your preferred amount. Helps to coat and cleanse the throat to help prevent any form of ailment or even voice loss. The lemon also helps to boost your immune system, clear your skin and balance your pH level due to its alkaline properties.

    #4 Buy Organic Fruits And Vegetables

    Start buying organic fruit and vegetables! The benefits of both fruits and vegetables give your body it’s purest form.  By purchasing non-organic you give your body the nutrients it longs for, rather than the ones masked in either pesticides or even genetically modified organisms (GMO).

    #5 Exercise Daily

    Exercising does amazing things for your body. Even if you don’t like to do it, simple things like walking to the end of your street and back can help. Also, it can be fun and social! Some benefits from exercising include:

    • Improves mood
    • Boost your energy
    • Combats health conditions and diseases
    • Controls weight
    • Promotes better sleep
    • Strengthen bones

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