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    • 5 Updates That Will Add Value To Your Home Before Listing | Christy Buck Team

    5 Updates That Will Add Value To Your Home Before Listing | Christy Buck Team

    Since NOW is the best time to sell your home, updating is a must! Updating your home will help is sell faster and will add value to it!

    1. Clean carpet and floors! There is no need to replace unless they are in really bad condition. Cleaning your carpet and floors will help make your home look, smell and feel fresh. It also saves you money by not having to buy new carpet!


    2. Replace outdated doorknobs! This is simple and does not cost much! Buyers are looking for more modern in homes and  do not want old doorknobs in their homes.doorknob





    3. Stick with neutral colored walls! No one wants to walk into a bright pink bedroom or yellow dining room.  Be sure to remove any outdated wall paper as well. Also, don’t forget about the outside of your home, make sure it looks well paintingkept up.









    4. Landscape is the first impression people get from your home! Pressure wash your driveway, patio and the outside of your home if needed, this will brighten up your home. Take care of your trees, shrubs and lawn by cutting and trimming to make it look well maintained. If you need to add some color and life with bushes, flowers and mulch is a great touch, especially during the spring!










    5. Update your kitchen! Your kitchen is the heart of your home and this is what sells to most buyers! Make sure you have updated countertops, sinks, appliances and cabinets. Modern is the way to go when updating your home.updated-kitchen


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