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5 Ways to Prep Your Home For The Holiday Season | Christy Buck Team

Here’s a list of steps to get your home ready and take the stress out of hosting!


#1 Declutter

First things first, the day before you’re going to have family and friends arrive, don’t try to clean out your storage closet and junk drawers.

Declutter the guest rooms and public areas such as the foyer, kitchen, living room, den and dining room. Remove all those unnecessary things from the countertops, ottomans and shelves. No one wants to look at your phone charger and last nights bag of popcorn.

If you’re running low on time, clean up the clutter and store in places your guests won’t be, like your car trunk, basement, attic, and out-of-the way closets.

#2 Add Night Lights

Make sure your outside lights are on and working before your guests arrive. Add some motion censored lights to areas that more dim than others that way there’s no issues with lighting.

#3 Make Space in the Entry

The entry of your home is the first thing your guest see, so you want it to set a good impression on the rest of your home.

  • Put down a small rug so that it protects your floors from dirt and mud.

  • Clean up the clutter by the front door, your shoes, umbrellas, and unwanted bags.

  • Hang the coats and jackets that you may have lying on the floor.

#4 Add a Coffee Station and Extra Stools

Your kitchen is where everyone tends to hangout during the holiday season, make sure its clean and ready for your guests!

  • Move your coffee station into a less crowded space like the family room! This will give your guests another place to hang out and talk without feeling excluded.

  • For all those talkers who enjoy having a conversation while you’re cooking, add some bar stools or chairs around the kitchen area that way your guests have a place to sit while you prepare a meal.

#5 Make Extra Bathroom Supplies Easy to Find

Bring that toilet paper, towels and toiletries out of hiding, place them in a spot where all of your guests can see and so it can be easily accessible. If you don’t have extra wall space for shelves, place these items in a basket throughout the bathroom.

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