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A Few Expenses Homebuyers Overlook | Christy Buck Team

Buying a home can be fun and thrilling but shocking with unexpected expenses. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or transitioning from one home to another, there are lists of expenses that are sometimes overlooked. Even after purchasing your home, some expenses can creep up on you at the last second! Here are a few expenses that you may need to know as you are saving up! Join us March 23rd for our Homebuyers Seminar from 6:30pm-8:30pm at 211 W Edgewood Friendswood Tx 77546! If you have any questions please contact our team! 832-264-8934



  • Home Appraisal. Homebuyers will have get their home appraised by a lender-approved certified home appraiser. The appraiser will estimate the properties value and the features it may have as well as other properties in the area that have a similar sales price.
  • Home Inspection. Whenever a homebuyer makes an offer, they are required to get the home inspected. It is beneficial to the buyer because it will find any problems that will be high-priced down the road. Home inspection prices range from $200-$600. This process will happen at the same time as your home appraisal process.
  • Property Taxes. Everyone has property taxes but the price range varies. It is important that you check the rates. Whenever a homebuyer agrees on a mortgage, they will typically be required to set up an escrow account. This account lets the lender know that the homebuyer will protect and insure the lenders investment buy depositing a monthly amount that covers their mortgage in addition to property taxes and homeowners’ insurance. This is a cost some people fail to notice!
  • Homeowner Association Fee. If you live in a subdivision that has homeowner association fees, you may need to be prepared to pay a several hundred dollars at the end of the year. Look into this in the early process.
  • Flood Insurance. Living in a community that is likely to flood or have hurricanes, it is a good idea to purchase flood insurance. The standard homeowners insurance will not cover any natural damages to your home. Make sure to speak with your insurance agent!
  • Utility Cost. Unlike apartments, a homes utility maintenances are separate and costly. Keep in mind what you might need to get done on a monthly basis or for the future. Make sure you have money saved up in case something breaks or stops working.
  • Long-term Maintenance Cost. Homeowners are responsible for maintences in their home. It is often overlooked and some people are stuck with a broken ac and have to save up to get it fixed. Experts say to save 1% of the homes value and put it towards any home repairs each year. Even if it is years between repairs, it is smart to have a long-term savings account for these incidents.


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