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Back to School Tips for Parents | Christy Buck Team |


As August sets in, all parents are rushing to get school supplies, clothes that follow their child’s school dress code, and trying to remember what “Summer Vacation” felt like. We want to make it easy on you and have gathered a few tips and tricks to help you & your kids get ready for the new school year!

Tip 1#- About 2 weeks before school starts, start to get your children on a regular sleeping schedule for school. We know these past few weeks they have been going to bed late and sleeping in even later, so let them get acclimated now while you still have time!

Tip #2- Make sure your kids and their school know if they will be riding the school bus (get schedule) or parent pick-up!

Tip #3- Don’t forget about Tax Free Weekend August 11th-13th! Clothes, school supplies, and backpacks will be a tad more affordable then!

Tip #4- Make sure to make arrangements if your children need after school care, whether that be with a program or a afternoon babysitter!

Tip #5- Buy a nice calendar/ planner to organize yourself with all of your childrens’ school events. Choir performance, Career Day, Field Trips? This makes remembering that much easier 😉

Tip#6- Don’t forget about time blocking after school! Give them a specific “Homework Time” and then make sure to plan “Family Time” too! Being aware of homework and making sure they have support at home is SO important in your child’s success!

Tip 7#- See if it is possible to visit the school before the first day if your child is starting a new school to let them get familiar with their environment!

Tip #9- Lay out supplies, clothes, and whatever else your children might need the night before school starts! That what you aren’t running around trying to get everything together while you’re helping your child get ready also!

Tip #10- Take a deep breath! And remember to enjoy these last few weeks with your kids before they go back to school!


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