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Bathroom Trends 2017 | Christy Buck Team

Being in your bathroom is a daily routine and you can’t go wrong with a beautiful one. Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Gray has been the trend for a couple years now and is still going strong. Also, white and gray are the main combinations that people love. Here are a few styles to look at for ideas to change up your bathroom for the up coming year.


This all around glass walk-in shower on the left gives an elegant touch in this bathroom. The sinks with the water faucets on the wall and the large tiles are very simple but sharp. Free standing tubs have also trending a lot for the past year and will continue to be very popular in the future. These are a unique way to switched your tub up.




Wall tiles are a decorative way to change up your bathroom walls. The rustic wood gives your bathroom a vintage look and also more storage space. If you don’t want your bathroom to look plain you could also add a touch of yellow or a turquoise blue. Those colors pair well with browns and grays.


The mixture of tiles in this shower make it vibrant and unique. The neutral colors go well with each other and it is very texturized. This is a creative way to change up your shower or your entire your bathroom. You could paint it with a light grey or an off white color or even the 2017 color of the year poised taupe SW 6039.


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