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Budgeting Tips | The Christy Buck Real Estate Team

Are you trying to save up money? Maybe you want to buy a new home and use your favorite real estate team (The Christy Buck Team). We want to help you reach your goals so we found some great budgeting tips to help you out! Then, when you are ready and have saved up, you can give us a call and let the #1 Team in Brazoria County help you find your dream home!!

  1. Make sure you/your family are all on the same page with what you want to save each month!
  2. Eating out costs more than you think, limit dining out and cook more at home.
  3. You may be surprised at this one, but budget for fun! Allocate some money to doing fun things so you have things to look forward to, but make sure to stick to that budget!! (no going over)
  4. Make sure to budget for unforeseen circumstances/emergencies.
  5. Get out of debt, set aside money each month to help you work towards paying those balances off for good!
  6. One of the most popular methods is also taught by Dave Ramsey: Zero-based budgeting! It means giving every dollar of income a specific purpose. So, instead of budgeting 50% of your income on ‘needs’, you would break out your separate needs into specific categories.
  7. Take advantage of specials/coupons for food and other items you may need during the month (i.e- toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, etc)
  8. Be realistic when you budget!
  9. Use apps to help you track your budget easily!
  10. Get rid of things that aren’t necessary (subscriptions, etc)



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