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Child Proof Home Safety Tips!


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With children, it is so easy for them to find something they are not supposed to be doing or running off and hurting themselves. Naturally as parents, we want to minimize the damage and try to prevent any harm. Here are a few tips you can use around the house to child proof your home and maximize your child’s safety!

1. Use Safety Latches & Locks– this helps prevent children from opening cabinets, drawers, etc and getting into cleaning supplies, trash, sharp objects, and anything else that might cause harm.

2. Use a Safety Gate– this can be used around the kitchen to keep them away from stoves, ovens, & sharp objects. You can also put a gate on your stairs to prevent your child from trying to go upstairs and risk falling or severely harming themselves trying to make their way up. Make sure you use updated gates and not ones with the “V” shape where they can lodge their head or neck.

3. Door Knob Covers– this can prevent your child from getting into a room they are not meant to be in and can also prevent them from getting into things they have no business getting into.

4. Keep Candles & Matches away from reach– this will prevent any harm/ fire that could possibly happen with the candles and/or matches.

5. Cordless Window Blinds– a child can accidentally get his/her neck caught into the cord and be strangled.

6. Corner/ Edge Bumpers– this will prevent your child from falling and hitting a sharp edge and causing more pain than hitting just the soft bumper.

If you want more Home Safety Tips or want information about buying/selling, feel free to contact the Christy Buck Team.

Have a wonderful day & keep your children safe!

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