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Christmas Gifts for Homeowners | Christy Buck Team

Looking for a gift for friends or family this holiday season?? No need to! These gifts here are perfect for all homeowners and are sure to make your friends and family happy!!


Digital Assistance

A Google Home or Amazon Echo are commonly known! They can be used for multiple things like, listening to music, finding out the weather, telling you a joke, giving you recipes  for all sorts of tasty snacks and they can even be paired up with your smart TV!!

Smart Thermostats

We all know that heating and cooling are a major expense! With smart thermostats they adjust the temperature in your home automatically which help you keep costs low!! You can connect these thermostats to your smart phone and control the temperature when you’re not home!!

Home Automation Accessories

There’s way more automation options out there than just digital assistance and smart thermostats! Smart lighting, smart locks, window sensors, outdoor light sensors and even smart smoke detectors are all available to give to your friends and family!! The best part is that these can all be configured to work together to achieve affects like automatically turning on lights when the door is unlocked.

Alternative Appliances

Homeowners deserve so much more than an oven and a microwave! Thankfully there are a number of gift-able culinary options out there! Instant pot cookers, sous vide cookers and even air fryers offer something new for fixing meals!

High-Quality Streaming

More people are moving away from the traditional cable TV than ever before! Now people are streaming Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon, CBS All Access and more! Now is a great time to get your recipient a Roku or other streaming devices capable of handling HD or 4k streams without buffering!

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