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Curb Appeal | Christy Buck Team

What is curb appeal and why is it important??

The first impression of a home comes from what you see first…which is the outside of the home, whether its from your car or standing by the street, this can alter how people feel about the house as a whole. Curb appeal means making your home desirable simply from the looks of the outside. Although this is something that sellers should really consider, it is something all homeowners can consider! Curb appeal can extend your property value and sell your home just by the view from the street.

How to ‘up’ your curb appeal:

1. Landscaping and grass

For starters keeping your grass freshly mowed can really draw attention to your home instantly. Maintain and keep up with the mulch, take care of those dead or overgrown bushes and maybe even have a couple of plants, potted or not.

2. Driveway

Try to keep your drive way pressure washed and clean looking. No one wants to buy a home with weeds or cracks in the driveway.

3. Front Door

There is no need to replace the whole front door, but throwing a fresh coat of paint or staining you door is enough to make it look new again.

4.  Exterior Of The Property

The outside of the home has to look clean as well, no one wants to buy a home that needs work done to the outside as well as the inside. Power washing goes a long way and is one way you can get all the mold and dirt off your home. A fresh coat of paint on the wood to fix all the chips and scrapes makes the home look alive and will for sure grab the attention of someone driving by.


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