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Date The Rate – Marry The House | Christy Buck Team


“Date the Rate, Marry the House” is a phrase often used in the context of personal finance and homeownership. It is a play on the popular saying “Date the girl, marry the house.” The phrase suggests that when it comes to mortgages or loans, it is important to carefully consider and evaluate the interest rates being offered before committing to a long-term financial obligation like buying a house.

In other words, “dating the rate” refers to exploring and comparing different mortgage rates from various lenders to find the most favorable terms for your situation. This involves researching and understanding the interest rates, loan terms, and other factors that affect the cost of borrowing money for a home purchase.

On the other hand, “marrying the house” means making a long-term commitment to a specific property by purchasing it. Once you’ve found a favorable interest rate and decided on a mortgage, you proceed with buying the house and committing to the financial responsibilities associated with homeownership.

The phrase emphasizes the importance of not only finding your dream home but also being financially savvy and selecting a mortgage with favorable terms to ensure long-term financial stability and satisfaction with your investment.

In this market, you can easily be scared to purchase a home because of interest rates, however you always have the option to refinance. If you find the perfect home, don’t wait on it because interest rates aren’t as desirable. You can change that, you can’t change that you passed up on your dream home. If you have been on he fence about buying a home, contact us and we can get you with a lender who can help navigate you through your financial situation.

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