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    Easter 2020 Ideas | The Christy Buck Team

    We know many of you may be choosing to stay at home during Easter this year and we don’t blame you! However, since you may be missing out on those big family get togethers or going to church for their big Easter Sunday, we compiled a list for you on things you can do at home for Easter 2020!

    1. There’s no reason you can’t still have an Easter Egg Hunt in your backyard or in your own home with your kids! You could even monogram your eggs so each kids gets the same amount and REALLY has to look for their own eggs. Make it into a competition, whoever gets all of their eggs first wins the golden egg with money in it!!
    2. You can order Eggs and dye for them from your local store curbside department and still have the classic fun of using dye to color your eggs!
    3. Schedule a family Zoom call or Face Time so you can talk to your loved ones!
    4. Tune in to your local church online, many churches are providing streaming services for members to watch online or on social media!
    5. Make some cookies and use colorful icing and sprinkles to decorate Easter shaped cookies like eggs, bunnies, ducks and more!!
    6. Read your favorite Easter Book to your family!
    7. Get outside and draw Easter related pictures and words with chalk on your sidewalk!
    8. Make your favorite food and desserts for Easter breakfast, lunch or dinner! Anything goes!
    9. Create new family traditions!
    10. Embrace the Easter Spirit- this is a day full of love and kindness and right now everyone could use a little bit of that!


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