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Easy Fixes to Common Bathroom Issues | Christy Buck Team

1. Wiggly Toilet Seat

Wiggly toilet seats happen to everyone, well almost everyone. Although, they may be really annoying they’re actually quite easy to fix! Sometimes it’s just a bolt that needs to be tightened! If that doesn’t fix the situation there are actually toilet seat tightening kits that you can find at Lowe’s or even on Amazon!

2. Clogged Shower Head

It is likely that the reason behind your shower head clogging is actually caused by a build up of minerals in your water. There’s no reason to call a plumber or purchase harsh chemicals. You can use things that you most likely already have in your home.

First you’ll need a sandwich sized bag, and some vinegar. Fill the bag about half way with vinegar. Place your shower head into the bag of vinegar and tie the bag around the shower head and allow it to soak over night. The next day take the shower head out of the bag and wipe the head to remove the left over residue. Your shower head should now be good as new!

3. Slow Drain

Before you go through unnecessary work and maintenance fees, try out a Zip-It Tool first! Local places like Walmart and Home Depot should have them! You might want to purchase a pair of gloves and a mouth mask first.. This tool makes it easy to unclog your own drain and removes the item that is causing your drain to clog.


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