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How Seniors Can Find The Right Home After Retirement


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When we reach retirement age, there are a lot of things to think about. Whether or not to stay in your current home, for instance, or move into a smaller place that will be easier to manage. It’s important to find the right place for you and your needs while staying within your budget, but it’s also imperative that you think about what your future needs will be. Health and mobility issues are often a part of life once we reach a certain age, so the place you call home needs to be safe and accommodating.

Here are a few of the best tips on how to find just the right place after retirement.

Make a plan

It’s important to sit down and list all the things you need in a living environment. For instance, if your current home has stairs, you’ll likely want to find something that’s all one level, as traversing stairs can be difficult on seniors. Take into consideration how big you need the lawn to be; if you want a garden, you’ll want something with a decent-sized area to plant; otherwise, you’ll probably want something small that won’t require too much upkeep.

Rent or own?

Next, you’ll need to think about whether you want to rent or own your next home. Renting is cheaper and allows you to be more flexible, but it also means you might have a revolving door of noisy neighbors. Owning is more expensive and requires more maintenance on your end, but you’re free to do with the property what you want, and you’ll have something to leave to future generations.

What’s nearby?

You’ll probably want something that’s close to restaurants, supermarkets, and your family doctor, so a home that is off the beaten path will likely not appeal to you. Look for homes that have established communities, that are in close proximity to at least some of the places you frequent on a daily basis. It might not hurt to make sure it’s close to a public transportation route, either.

“Seniors want a community that supports them and has the resources they need, particularly if they can’t drive or know they won’t be able to drive in the future. They want to be near people who they can ask for help if they need it and also for social activities, so a community with a clubhouse is appealing,” says real estate agent Teri Andrews-Murch.

Think about your pets

If you have a pet, you’ll want to make sure your new home is pet-friendly. If you don’t already have one, consider getting a small dog or cat; they can make great companions and can actually reduce stress and anxiety.

Get some info

Once you’ve found a place you like, talk to the neighbors to get their opinion on the neighborhood and to get a feel for it all. They can provide useful insight into what to expect.

Written by: Jim Vogel

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