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Tips for first time home buyers!

You’ve decided to go for it. Buying a home can be thrilling and nerve-wracking at the same time, especially for a first time homebuyer. It’s difficult to know exactly what to expect. The learning curve can be steep, but most of the issues can be resolved by doing a little financial homework at the outset. Check out these tips!


Do your homework: The perfect home won’t find you by itself. The key step in buying a home is doing the proper research. Educate yourself on local schools, neighborhoods, and the kinds of homes available. By reading available materials and talking with experts, you can start to put together your idea of the perfect home.


Start Planning: Most decisions benefit greatly from the proper planning, and home buying is certainly no exception. Start a filing system with sections such as home buying, home financing and service providers. By forming a home buying plan you can more easily focus on the most important factors and help give structure to the entire process.


Get Pre Qualified: Getting pre qualified for a loan normally only requires a short phone conversation with a lender, and can greatly help your home search. Prequalification does not guarantee you a loan, but does provide you with an estimated monthly payment and price range to use as a guide when shopping for homes. Being prequalified can also often indicate to sellers that you are serious, prepared buyer.


Relax: You don’t have to make an offer on the first home you see. Make sure to look at other listings in the area to get a feel for the marketplace. When you decide to make an offer on a house, consult with The Christy Buck Team so that all of your questions are answered.

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