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    5 Home Repairs To Tackle Before Winter | Christy Buck Team

    These are some important repairs that you will need to do before winter starts! Most of these steps can be DIY but you can always have a professional help you out!

    Check and Repair Attic Insulation

    This is especially important for those who live in cold climates. If the attic insulation isn’t looked over and repaired when there is damage, you could face costly heating bills, weather damage and more!

      Check Your Bathroom Fan

       Check the ventilation system and give it a good cleaning. Should there be junk caught up in there and you don’t clean it, there is a greater chance of animals getting   into your home or fire breaking out.

                                                           Furnace Repair                                                                           

      This includes changing the furnace filter regularly. It’s OK to change it every three months in warm weather but for winter its best to do it every month. This is a   great time to have your furnace serviced to ensure a safe and warm winter ahead.
                                                                                                       Seal Your Doors and Windows
    Sealing your doors and windows before winter comes will help you avoid costly heating bills and uncomfortable drafts.

                                                                                                       Work on Your Floors

    Whether you have tile, hardwood or other flooring, damaged floors can let heat escape. Fixing minor damage as it occurs will also help your floor last longer!

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