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Home Staging Tips To Help Sell Your Home | Christy Buck Team

Ready to sell your home but need some guidance on making your home look appealing for potential buyers? We’ve got you! Whether you choose a professional home stager or do it yourself, it’s the simple home staging hacks that will help your home sell faster!

Focus On What Buyers Love!

Two very important home selling points are bathrooms and the kitchen. Focus on cleaning, organizing and staging these rooms first! Make sure that toiletries and used dishware are out of sight!

Storage Is Key!

Often times, we may be tempted to stuff our closets and drawers with items that we are trying to hide. BAD IDEA….Storage is another big selling point for homes. Try to unclutter any drawers or closets to only partially full.

Move Your Furniture!

Try to avoid pushing your furniture against the wall, this will make space look more cramped. Set up furniture in clusters, such as a comfy chair, an ottoman, and a lamp in one corner. This is a good way to showcase your home and space. It’s always fun to see the difference in the way your home looks after rearranging furniture.

Touch Ups!

Although it’s not a permanent fix, if your current furniture is chipped or faded , use touch up markers to give them a quick makeover. Flawless furniture will give potential buyers a good impression of the home overall.

Rent Or Borrow!

If your furniture is beyond repair, too big or outdated, you may need other options. You could possibly borrow furniture from friends or family or even rent out furniture from a rental company or staging company!

Professional Home Stager

If you need help with staging your home, Paula Babineaux is a professional home stager that has worked with our clients for many years! She will help stage your home and get it ready to sell! Contact her at 281-455-1834 and follow her page on Facebook ‘Staging by Paula’ to check out her amazing work!

Ready to sell your home? Contact The Christy Buck Team and we will be more than happy to help you! 823-264-8934 or





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