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    Houston Real Estate Market May 2016

    See what is going on in Pearland and surrounding areas real estate market !

    The Christy Buck Real Estate Team wants to keep you informed of what is going on in our local housing market. Below, is a quick update on the Pearland, League City & Friendswood and real estate market for May 2016.

    According to data, there were approx. 463 single-family sales in Pearland , Friendswood, & League City in May 2016. There were 212 single-family sales in Pearland (up from 198 last month), 72 single-family sales in Friendswood (up by 68 from last month) & 179 single family sales in League City (up from 153 last month). The average sq footage was 2648 in Pearland with the average sales price as $274,000. The average sq footage in Friendswood was 2769 with the average sales price as $313,000! And in League City the average sq footage was 2494 with an average sales price of $261,000.

    What makes this a “seller’s market”? The fact that you’re getting close to 98% listing price in the Pearland Area, 98% close to listing price in the Friendswood area, & 99% close to listing price in the League City area! Those kind of numbers are what seller’s love seeing, as they are getting their home sold at top dollar!

    Now is a great time to put your home on the market! Buyer’s are always looking and this area is full of them! The Christy Buck Team has a large database of client’s that just might be waiting on YOUR home.  Let us help you get your home sold fast & use our knowledge to assist you in all stages of selling and/or buying.

    Contact The Christy Buck Team at 832-264-8934 or to get ahead of the game!May 2016 Market Update Chart

    Data provided by on 6.07.2016. Data subject to change.

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