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How to Make a Strong Offer | The Christy Buck Team

We all know this real estate market right now is HOT and almost every home has multiple offers due to low inventory! We want to always be prepared to help you submit an offer on your dream home, so here are a few tips on how to make the process easier and give you a better chance of an accepted offer!

  1. Listen to Your Real Estate Agent: Your real estate agent has 20+ years if experience between our office and has been trained extensively on writing offers and being up to date on the current market. They know how to help guide you and the things that will give you more of an “edge” when submitting an offer on home.
  2. Make Sure Your Finances Are In Order: Make sure you have set a budget based off of what you can truly afford and how much house you can buy. When submitting an offer, you will NEED a pre-approval letter, so getting pre-approved before you start looking at homes will also help you when you find the house you want to make an offer on!
  3. Move Fast: The market is HOT and homes are flying on and off the market, which means when you find the home that you have to have, you need to be ready to submit with your agent ASAP. If you wait too long, the house can be swept up from under you in an instant! Your agent will also be able to reach out to the agent and let them know to expect an offer and stay in communication for you to ensure your offer gets seen.
  4. Be Fair: When you decide to buy a home, we know you want to get the best deal possible and we will make sure to do our due diligence as your realtor and check comps in the area. We can guide you on what we think is a fair offer and also talk you through what we can do to make your offer more appealing to the sellers if you are in a multiple offer scenario.
  5. Be Flexible On Negotiations: With this market, you want to appeal as best as you can to the seller, so being flexible will help you. Maybe that means a flexible move in date, more earnest money, shorter option periods, etc. We still want you to have due diligence on the home and have inspections so don’t necessarily forgo that but, be ready to make other things happen to give you a one-up on the competition.

Looking for an agent to help you through this process and guide you with their knowledge? Call our team! 832-264-8934!

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