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    Hurricane Preparedness | The Christy Buck Team

    We know Hurricane Season has just begun and the Christy Buck Team is here to help you! Below you will find some tips/things to do to make sure you are ready if needed and items you may need!

    Items to Have on Hand:

    • flashlights
    • batteries
    • generator
    • canned goods
    • can opener
    • wipes
    • bug spray
    • medical kit
    • water
    • tools- pliers, wrench, etc
    • local maps
    • back up batteries or chargers for cell phone


    • Make sure to have a hurricane plan in the event one comes- where will you go or will you stay home, evacuation routes, etc
    • Consider your families specific needs- medications, dietary needs, disabilities, pets, etc
    • Make sure you communicate with your family about your plan or even have one written up ready just in case
    • Consider learning safety skills like first aid, CPR, how to shut off utilities, etc

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