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Hurricane Readiness | Christy Buck Real Estate Team

It’s June 1st, which means it’s the beginning of Hurricane Season in the Atlantic. The season lasts from June 1 to November 30th and every year we like to remind our clients, friends and family on how to prepare for them!

  1. Plan for Evacuation– make sure you know evacuation routes, how you will travel and have extra gas on hand if needed.
  2. Plan for Staying in Place– if you plan to stay in place– make sure you know where to take shelter, how to strengthen your home from damage, how to get power if yours goes out and what food/water you may need to live off of for a bit if anything happens.
  3. Get Emergency Supplies Kit Together– stock your home and car with supplies! Prepare emergency food/water, medicine, first aid, valuables you wouldn’t want to leave behind, important documents, flashlights, etc.
  4. Elderly/Medical Family Members– make sure you have a plan for medical conditions for elderly or medical needs people in the home, back up medicine, plans to evacuate, places they can stay out of the way of the storm, etc.
  5. Protect Your Pets– make your plan for your pets– extra food, where they will stay and how to evacuate them as well.
  6. Make Sure Family is Aware of Plans– have a talk with all members of the family so you are on the same page and know who is doing what in case of an emergency.

Hopefully these tips help and the gulf stays clear of any severe damage this year, but just in case, stay safe! If you are looking for a home in the gulf and need help with finding areas that haven’t flooded, give us a call and let us use our knowledge ands expertise to guide you! 832-264-8934 or!

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