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Modern Day Grocery Shopping | The Christy Buck Team

We are sure by now you have heard of “curbside pickup” or Shipt like companies that will deliver to your home, any groceries or goods you may need that different stores carry. But do you know all the details? We wanted to research costs and what services are provided so you can see it all here on one page! These services are great for the people who work a lot and do not want to stop on the way home after 6pm to fight people for groceries or the mom with 3 kids that can’t get through the store without buying an extra $100 in snacks!!


H-E-B Curbside– This service provided by H-E-B is amazing! If you order 24 hours before and plan out what you need, it is FREE! You don’t pay any extra to get your food dropped off in your car! If you order curbside pick up the day of, it costs $4.95 as a shopper fee. If you order for delivery to your home, you pay a $5.00 fee! If you order same day delivery, they will add an additional $4.95 shopper fee. The best way to utilize this is plan what you need for the week, shop online and schedule next day curbside pick up on your way home from work! Easy and convenient!

Kroger Grocery Pickup– This service is provided by Kroger and is also very convenient! The offer same day pickup for $4.95, Delivery within hours for $9.95 or they will ship to you within 1-3 days for FREE with $35.00 purchase! If you can wait a few days, this is a great option!!

Walmart Grocery Pickup– This service is provided by Walmart and is FREE with a minimum $35.00 purchase and you can pickup in your car! Their delivery service locally starts around $7.75 and can go up due to how busy they may be! Usually no more than $9.95 though!

Shipt– This company is great and they have a specific person shopping for you and dropping off to your home! They have two different plans! If you do the annual plan, it will cost you $99 (8.25 a month). If you do the monthly plan, it will cost you $14 a month! This is unlimited orders and same day deliveries!! They also will shope locally for you at: Food Town, H-E-B, Target, CVS Pharmacy, Kroger, Petco and Office Depot/Office Max!!


These are the most popular services that people use these days and we love the idea of people on the go getting help leveraging their time, especially realtors like us who are BUSY helping our AMAZING clients!!  If you’re looking to leverage your time and allow us to sell your home for you or help you find your dream home so you don’t have to search every day, call us! 832-264-8934!

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