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    Netflix Educational Shows | The Christy Buck Team

    Netflix has quickly become a favorite for families across the world and many people subscribe! Did you know they have over 100 educational videos you can play for your children so they are learning while also watching tv? Here’s a list of 20 quickly accesible to look up and show your children. You can also click the link here and see 100+ more on this very detailed blog we saw! Hopefully this gives you plenty to use to teach AND entertain your children when they aren’t in school!

    1. Baby Animals in the Wild
    2. David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities
    3. Shark
    4. Planet Earth
    5. Nature’s Greatest Events
    6. Edge of the Universe
    7. Orbit
    8. How to Win the US Presidency
    9. WWII in Colour
    10. Dino Hunt
    11. Story of Maths
    12. Bill Nye the Science Guy
    13. The Magic School Bus
    14. Wild Alaska
    15. 72 Dangerous Places to Live
    16. South Pacific
    17. What the Health
    18. Forks Over Knives
    19. Conspiracies
    20. Top 10 Secrets & Mysteries


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