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Prep for the Freeze | The Christy Buck Team

What can you do to prep for the freeze this weekend? Here are a few tips! Please stay safe and keep warm & dry!

  1. Check your sprinkler and irrigation systems to ensure they are drained and turned off.

  2. If you own a pool, keep your pool running until the weather gets a little warmer so you don’t have any issues with your pump and pipes.

  3. Know how to shut off your water if needed.

  4. Protect your pipes and make sure they are well insulated!

  5. Eliminate sources of cold air near water lines and fix any windows so water and cold can’t get in!

  6. If you have any piping in your bathroom vanities or that run through cabinets, leave the doors open to allow warmer air to come in from your home.

  7. Keep water moving through pipes by allowing some to drip just a little.

*If your pipes do freeze, shut your water off immediately!

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