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Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks 2020 | The Christy Buck Team

Spring will be here before you know it (March 19th to be exact). So let’s put together a game plan now on how to tackle all of your spring cleaning so it’s not overwhelming! Here are a few tips and tricks for your spring cleaning this year!

  1. Make a schedule- you don’t have to spring clean all in one day or the same week. To make it more manageable, maybe put two days a week aside to work on your spring cleaning and tackle one area of your home at a time!
  2. Pet hair make you crazy? Use a window squeegee to get the pet hair off of your carpet and rugs when they are being super stubborn!
  3. Shower head build up? Not a problem- use white vinegar and a plastic bag and soak the shower head in it overnight!
  4. Does your sink give off an odor? Try lemon rind slivers in your garbage disposal and then run cold water through it as well!
  5. It may take a little time but it’s always a good idea to clear out your fridge, dump out what you don’t need and then clean the interior with soap and water to keep bacteria from staying in your fridge!
  6. Many ovens now have a self clean button, click that and move on to other parts of the home that need your attention! (yay easy!)
  7. Junk Drawer always make you feel unorganized? Buy a couple of containers from the container store so that your “unorganized mess” has an organized spot!
  8. While your at it, go through your makeup and skincare products. Did you know those have expiration dates?? Check your bottles and throw away anything expired or that you don’t use anymore!
  9. Most stores carry an extendable duster for hard to reach places like your ceiling fans or top of kitchen cabinets. Grab one of those and get to work without having to stand on a chair or grab a ladder! We like to work smarter not harder!!
  10. Go through your closet and allow yourself plenty of time! Have you worn that item at all in the last year? If not, give it away!! You can donate to local charities or give to family members!
  11. Don’t forget your walls and windows need attention too! Use a damp towel to wipe down your walls that actually do collect dust!! Then, move on to your windows and rinse with soap and water to make sure they stay clear and free of dirt!
  12. Make sure if it’s time to replace all air filters in your home! These catch those small irritating particles that can cause your allergies to be even worse!
Hopefully some of these tricks and tips will help you as you gear up for some cleaning! We know everyone always feels better about their home after a good deep-cleaning! Do you plan on cleaning and then putting your house up for sale? Give us a call, we know plenty of vendors who can help you and we can also represent you so your house can be sold quickly for top dollar! Call us or email us @ 832-264-8934 or!

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