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Stylish Storage Solutions | Christy Buck Team


One of the biggest problems we have in homes is not enough storage. So why not make it? Of course making storage takes decluttering but less clutter means bigger space! Getting rid of all the clutter in your pantries, closets,bathrooms and shelves will make a huge difference in your home!

Adding shelving in your bathroom or living room will make the area looked organized and allow more room for your pictures, bathroom essentials and any décor.











Adding a mudroom is a great idea for more storage. This area can be as big or as small as you want it and will still provide you with more space! This is a place to store coats, shoes, bags and anything else as they enter the home. You can even add a small bench and some baskets for the cubbies. Mudrooms makes coming in and out of your home quick and easy!











Adding more shelving in your closet for more storage! Labeled baskets will help categorize your  children’s toys, clothes and shoes.














An over cluttered pantry will make it look smaller. To enlarge the space, add containers, shelves, drawers and baskets to help organize your pantry and make it easier to find a snack!

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