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    Summer Energy Saving Tips | The Christy Buck Team

    It’s a well known fact that most people’s energy bill goes up in the Summer. So we have compiled a few tips for you to save some money on your bills during these hot weeks!!

    1. Use box fans and ceiling fans to keep your home cool, you can actually raise your thermostats setting up by 4 degrees and it will still be comfortable for you thanks to the fans!

    2. Water your yard only early in the morning or late at night so the water doesn’t evaporate in the summer heat and you won’t have to water as much!

    3. Set your temperature warmer while you’re not home so you can save some $, if you have a thermostat you can control even from out of your home, you can set it to get cool right before you get there!!

    4. Wash your clothes and dishes with only cold water! If you do this year round, it can save you close to $200!

    5. Close your blinds to keep the sun from filtering through and heating your home up!

    6. Make sure to unplug any electronics you aren’t using in the home and keep it to a minimum to keep your energy bill low!

    7. If you have an older A/C unit, an upgrade may actually end up saving you money!!

    8. Make sure to replace A/C filters when they are needed, they can restrict air flow and cause your A/C to have to work harder and longer and runn your bill up!

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