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Tips for Quick Cleaning Before Guests Arrive for Christmas | Christy Buck Team

Do you have family coming in for the holidays and still haven’t had a chance to clean your house? Holiday season can stress anyone out, so here are some simple and fast tips to make your home look more clean and ready for your holiday activities!

  1. Dirty Dishes- Okay so you haven’t had time to clean all the dishes and your holiday party is tonight, what do you do? Place them in your oven to hide them while guests are over! Just don’t forget to take them out or you might wake up the next morning with a stench!
  2. Flip your couch cushions! You don’t have to vacuum every single cushion, just flip them over and fluff them up to make your couch look clean and cozy!
  3. We all know this trick, toss extra items that might be cluttering up an area in your home into the closet! We all do this, just make sure no one opens it up (haha)
  4. Candles are a simple and fast way to deodorize a room and make everything smell fresh! A popular candle right now that has a nice holiday smell of Christmas trees is Fresh Basalm at Bath & Body Works!
  5. Make sure you have enough toilet paper and put a fresh roll out for guests, also take a small microfiber cloth and wipe down areas needing cleaning with a little Lysol! One quick scrub and flush with bleach in the toilet should also make everything look better!!
  6. Lastly, sweep and vacuum at the end so you don’t make more of a mess as you are cleaning and decluttering everything!

Hopefully these tips will help you make your home look more clean without having to spend too much time on it, as we all know, we all have presents we need to wrap and last minute shopping to do!


Merry Christmas from the Christy Buck Team!!

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