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Top Reasons People Sell Their Homes | The Christy Buck Team

Did you know on average, American homeowners move every 5-7 years? There are so many reasons why they may be choosing to move. But the good news is, even though the home may no longer be a fit for that family or person, it will be for someone else!!

One of the most common reasons people sell their home is due to outgrowing their current home. They need more bedrooms, more bathrooms, bigger living area, bigger backyard, etc. Other more common reasons are: job transfers, relationship changes, retirement, etc!

Some people thought they could live with some of the things they compromised on due to location or certain things they did like and then learn maybe they were wrong and made a mistake. The neighborhood could also become too congested or too quiet and people may decide to move then!

Other people may move due to financial reasons. Maybe home values are up and they can get more for their home now and have more equity! Maybe they can’t afford to live there or can afford to live somewhere even better!

With all of these factors, the Christy Buck Team is knowledgeable in our current market and can help sellers list their home and market their home so they get TOP dollar and get it sold as quickly as possible!! We want to give you the customer service you deserve! We want to help you out no matter what the reason may be on moving! Let’s get your home SOLD! Call us at 832-264-8934 or email us at!

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