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Ways to Create More Space | Christy Buck Team

Downsizing can be hard even if you are just losing the square feet from one bedroom. With the help of some of these storage ideas, it won’t actually feel like you’re losing any space at all!


  • Storage Beds

Save the extra space in your bedroom for a chair or a nice tv stand! Get rid of the dresser and buy a bed frame that has drawers underneath/attached. This will allow you to keep clothes and other things under the bed instead of a bulky chest/dresser. Here are examples of storage beds.

  • Bathroom Shelves/Cabinets

Adding shelves above the toilet or on the wall will keep those towels and extra toiletries off the floor and away from the cluttered countertops. We recommend using cabinets that hang on the wall. That way they don’t take away from the floor being as crowded. Here are examples of bathroom shelves and cabinets.

  • Bins and Baskets

This is probably one of the most affordable things that you can get when it comes to downsizing. They’re easy to story and can be put in the corners of a room, under beds, in laundry rooms, kitchens, closets and just about anywhere else! They have all sorts of designs and materials and are quick and easy to come by. Here are examples of baskets and bins.

  • Toy Storage Bins

Buying a storage bin for the kiddos room will help tremendously when going through with a move. These also make the clean up process a whole lot easier!! Here are examples of toy storage bins.

  • Storage Ceiling Holders for the Garage

Storage holders for the garage that can be mounted into your ceiling can actually double the space you have in your garage and give you the extra space you really need!! Here are examples of storage ceiling holders.



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