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Why You Should Get a Home Inspection | The Christy Buck Team

When you become a buyer with the Christy Buck Team, we always want to ensure we are providing you with exceptional service and advising you as best as we can. One of the things we preach to our clients about the home buying process is the crucial task of getting a home inspection! We will always HIGHLY recommend our buyers get their own home inspection. You do have to pay for it up front, but what’s a few hundred bucks in the grand scheme of things when the items your home inspector could find on your report could cost you 5x the amount of money if you didn’t catch it?! Here’s some more reasons why it’s SUPER important to get a home inspection:

  1. The home inspector is going to check your home future home inside & out, top to bottom and ensure that you are aware of the structural and mechanical integrity of the home.

  2. They provide photos of any issues and write down notes for your to keep and look over anytime you may need it.

  3. It’s your one chance to get sellers to repair items in the home you may not want to handle on your own, or at least give money in lieu of repairs!

  4. You can also use this as a tool to negotiate price on the home or seller concessions to help with closing costs!

  5. Cosmetic issues can be fixed all day long, but those large issues like plumbing or HVAC can be a huge shock if you don’t know ahead of time and a huge back account hit!

  6. The home inspector will definitely see things the naked eye would not see including things you would not think of like termites, wood rot, etc.

  7. It’s better to always keep yourself protected and makes you feel more at ease that you are buying a home that is safe & in the condition you are expecting it to be in!

Need help finding your dream home and want us to be able to help you with the entire process? Call us today at 832-264-8934 or email us @! We LOVE to help home buyers!

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