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  • Why You Should Sell Your Home This Holiday Season | The Christy Buck Team

Why You Should Sell Your Home This Holiday Season | The Christy Buck Team

Have you been wondering if you should put your home on the market this holiday season? Some people can be weary of listing their home during this season, however they don’t see all the great benefits to listing their home NOW!! 

  • You won’t have to compete with a ton of homes like yours during the holidays because not many people like to show their homes at this time. Reduced inventory means more buyers checking out your home.
  • Companies give their employees some time off for the holidays and that means buyers will have more time for showings.
  • Buyers who are looking for a home and take their time out of their busy schedules during the holidays are most likely serious and want to get a home as soon as possible. Also, be open to negotiating contract terms that work with their schedule.
  • People love the holidays and the spirit. Make sure your home is nice and welcoming during your showings. Decorations and a delightful home will allow buyers to see their own families celebrating the holidays in your home next year.
  • Buyers might be relocating to start a new job for the new year and they are looking for a home and it is a perfect time to show your home.
  • Interest rates tend to drop at the end of the year according to statistics and don’t usually come up during the holidays.
  • There is less wait time for home inspectors and appraisers.
  • Sales always happen around the holidays so get any remodeling done and save some money.
  • Many home buyers purposely choose to purchase a home before the new year to receive a tax write off. Home buyers who close before the end of the year could be eligible for tax credits, such as deductions for home mortgage interest, real estate taxes, and PMI premiums.

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