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Thinking of buying a home now or in the future but not sure where to start?

Thinking of buying a home now or in the future but not sure where to start? Look no more ! The Christy Buck Team, Infinity Real Estate Group can help you every step of the way- whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced buyer. Our team can give you the expert advise and professionalism needed when buying a home.

Why Use The Christy Buck Team?

Sure there are hundreds, even thousands of agents in the area… but not all of them are the same and not all of them can offer you EVERYTHING you need and deserve when buying a home.. Sure, they may get you to the closing table.. but its not always just about getting to the finish line – its also about how you get there and the events and experiences in between ! Make your buying process memorable- not something that you just want to forget about as soon as your done signing the papers. YOUdeserve your own agent, who takes the time to learn everything about you and what you are looking for, develop that relationship that does not stop at the closing table. That is the Christy Buck Team!! Christy has built a very solid team as the #1 Real Estate Company in the Brazoria County Area!! She is a 3rd Generation Realtor that has been helping buyers and sellers in this area for 15+ years and provides outstanding service and results!! The Christy Buck Team ranked in the Top 20 Houston Real Estate Teams in 2012!

Considering New Home Construction? You need an agent for that as well!! Do not get talked into working with the builders directly- have someone on your side for this as well … We can help you with new construction as well. Our team members are VERY well knowledged in the New Home Construction Purchase and can help you along the way.

Things to Consider when choosing an agent:

  • What can this agent offer me?
  • Are they with a company that stands out?
  • How long have they been in the business and the area?
  • What are their best interests in the transaction?
  • Do they have a list of qualified experts to help throughout such as lists of Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers- NOT JUST BANKS, Local City contacts, Insurance Agents, Moving Companies and so much more …
  • What can they provide to educate me on the entire process?
  • Does the agent have their own website YOU can log into and run your OWN home searches, save favorites, have access to documents and more?
  • Does our relationship end at the closing table?

Our team can offer you ALL of the above services !!!

Be An Informed Buyer. Know the Steps of the Entire Process before starting. Click HERE to read my buyer packet to helping you become an informed Buyer!! This is your first step in buying a home.

Give us a call today or fill out the information below if you would like to talk with us on representing you in the Buying Process.